McKesson 1 mL 5/8 Inch 25 Gauge NonSafety Thin Wall Standard Tuberculin Syringe with Needle

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McKesson Standard Tuberculin Syringe: Precision and Safety

  • Volume: 1 mL
  • Needle: 25 Gauge, 5/8 inch stainless steel, detachable
  • Dosing: Clear graduations for precise measurement
  • Plunger: Smooth action for effortless administration
  • Safety: Secure backstop prevents accidents
  • Design: Thin-wall construction for easy handling
  • Usability: Non-safety feature for simplicity
  • Hygiene: Sterile and latex-free
  • Packaging: Convenient packaging for accessibility

Experience accurate dosing and safety with the McKesson Standard Tuberculin Syringe. Its clear design, smooth plunger, and secure features make it a reliable choice for medical applications.

McKesson Standard Tuberculin Syringe with Needle

  • Brand: McKesson
  • Volume: 1 mL
  • Needle Length: 5/8 Inch
  • Gauge: 25 Gauge
  • Safety Feature: NonSafety
  • Wall Type: Thin Wall
  • Color Code: Orange
  • Application: Standard Tuberculin Syringe with Needle
  • Needle Style: Detachable Needle
  • Needle Point Style: Regular Bevel
  • Needle Material: Stainless Steel Needle
  • Syringe Material: Polypropylene Syringe
  • Tip Type: Luer Slip Tip
  • Graduations: 0.1 mL Increments
  • Features:
    • 1 cc Tuberculin Syringe
    • 0.1 cc Graduation
    • Transparent barrel with graduations for precise dosing
    • Smooth plunger slide characteristics
    • Secure backstop prevents accidental plunger withdrawal
    • Double-seal stopper minimizes medication leakage
    • Large, stable finger grips for easy handling
    • Bold, precise scale markings for accurate readings
    • Ultra-sharp, tri-beveled stainless steel thin wall needles
    • Smooth surface with light silicone coating for patient comfort
    • Sterile and designed for single use
    • Non-Toxic, Non-Pyrogenic, Latex-Free
  • Packaging: Packaged: 100 Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case
  • Origin: Country of Origin - China
  • Supplier ID: Supplier_ID - 488035
  • Usage: Disposable
  • UNSPSC Code: 42142609
  • Packaging Type: Blister Pack

Choose the McKesson Standard Tuberculin Syringe with Needle for its precise dosing, safety features, and exceptional reliability in medical applications.

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